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Phone Consultation

Initial phone consult involves identifying the opportunity being presented and navigating oneself toward a positive creative healthy happy and richly fulfilling transition into a new way of being.

All treatments and consults are based on a flat rate of $80 unless thatʻs too much than leave a donation or pay it forward. 

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Event Lectures

​Teacher and lecturer, W. Xavier Staub is an expert in fasting, whole foods nutrition, counseling and guiding others through the physical and spiritual fears of fasting, meditation and renunciation of non-sustainable belief patterns.

If you would like to have Xavier Staub speak for your next engagement please contact.

Exit the Cycle of Your Life

The most powerful action an individual can take to transition away from non sustainable patterns is to exit the cycle of ones life, and rest. This is apparent everywhere in nature. An opportunity like this can also be created within the cycle of ones life.

A personalized fearless awakening can be designed by request. This program is available world wide. It involves personal engagement with Xavier, and costs are configured on a case by case basis depending on location, time, and travel.

Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine 

Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine creates balance in all levels of ones being allowing the release of coagulated energies that inhibit the fullness of life experiences.

Session includes assessment, treatment and follow-up plan.

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Fasting is a process of absorbing and enhancing vitality by temporarily eliminating the intake of food. By including meditation to the process it allows the source of one’s breath and heart beat to coordinate an individual’s life force towards optimum existence.

We specialize in guiding through various styles of fasting to meet your needs:

  • Juice Fasting

  • Water Fasting

  • Whole Foods Fasting

Guided Meditation

Our clinic in Oahu, Hawaii offers personal fasting rooms, one-on-one consultation, massage, acupuncture and guided meditations throughout the day.

A guided journey to entering your new life cycle.

To reserve a room, please contact.

Food & Nutrition

A crash course into Vegan lifestyle. With cooking advice, raw eating habits and lifestyle change suggestions. How to start and maintain a Vegan lifestyle. 

Suggestions of foods to add to your diet and foods to take away from your diet. Nutritional benefits and knowledge of having a Vegan lifestyle. 

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