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W. Xavier Staub, MA, Phd, LAc

Shihan Aikido

MA Oriental Med

Phd Nutrition

LAc licensed Acupuncturist

Fearless awakenings is owned and operated by W. Xavier Staub. Xavier provides teaching and lectures, as well as personal consultation toward designing and customizing a supportive and fearless awakening.

William Xavier Staub was born in the year of the dragon, 1952, in Massachusetts USA. After graduating from the Immaculate Conception High School, he entered the US Army, fully believing he was defending his country from the scourge of communism erupting out of Vietnam. Upon completing his tour in the US Army, Xavier continued his education at the University of Massachusetts. Driven to extricate himself from the religious and political beliefs imposed on him from birth, Xavier looked for points of view alternative to those presented by Catholic and military dogma. This turned his focus toward the Eastern traditions and philosophies. The martial art of Aikido, with its focus on the use of natural dynamic body movement to purify all levels of one’s essence from negativity and fear, seemed a natural fit. After 30 years as a student of the art, Xavier continues to share his experience as a Shihan and senior teacher of the US Aikido Federation. His continued studies in acupuncture and natural healing have further informed his life and healing practice.

Xavier’s many experiences with non-physical existence of the self, revealed to him by way of out of body experiences, have intimately influenced his journey, leading him to meditation and fasting for 40 plus days at a time on distilled water only. His continued explorations eventually opened the path to a Breatherian practice. Following in this new direction, over time he accumulated 100 plus hours in a Dark Room Retreat. It was his experiences in this darkness and silence that led him to consider changing the path of his acupuncture and healing practice to focus more strongly on the re-awakening and re-linking of the spirit to the body, or of the mundane to the divine.

Xavier has dedicated his life to exploring the rainbow bridge between physical and non-physical reality. He assists others on their journey back to the realms of unconditional love, health and abundance. Xavier guides his clients to see these as natural bodily functions in all us, allowing the fearlessly awake state of consciousness to open the door to the embrace of one’s own original divinity.

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Geraldine "Louise" Tremblay



After 20 years of teaching and studying in Quebec and Montreal Universities, (teaching credential, BA in psychology, Master Study in adult education). I decided to leave my native land and head for the United States. Eventually becoming a senior teacher of the united states Aikido federation as a 6th degree black belt and creator of Aikido of Santa Barbara in California.

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