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When Einstein and others created the A-HA moment that lead us away from Newton’s theories and toward Quantum String Theories, no individual of the human species could say, “I’m staying with Newton’s theories..." The shift was complete.  The result knocks us "off the wall" of our existence like Humpty Dumpty. The shell of our reality breaks and frees our essence to ooze into the matrix of all that is. Reality can never be the same and all the kings horses and all the kings men can never put it all back for you again as it was before. 

Currently another A-HA opportunity has altered existence away from the way we think, believe and act as a species.

Removing the word stress/fear from the internal sensation entangles the individual with the field of unconditional love on which we appear.  

Sensationally revealing the knowing our essence cannot get sick, old or dead.

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